HTML Cheat Sheet


13th August 2014 - Added CSS Section

To help out with the next assignment I've added a draft CSS section.

2nd August 2014 - Major UI Update

The UI has been overhaulded for a style more like Google's new Android designs.

These changes have been made to make things more pleasing to the eye and more professional.

1st August 2014 - JS Page Added

A JavaScript page has been added which just links to Ed Moores JavaScript resources.

28th July 2014 - Tweaking Quiz

Bugs have been ironed out the quiz which would stop users entering symbols or numbers in. This was caused by some terrible regex on my part.

26th July 2014 - Tables Removed from Quiz

I've removed tables from being in the quiz, they were causing strange issues and I'm not sure how to remedy this until I can have time for some more testing.

20th July 2014 - Initial Release

New HTML content uploaded.